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you do NOT have to have sex with a trans man or trans woman if you dont want to and if you think otherwise youre a fucking rape apologist     

Hypothetical Scenario: I like women. All women. However, I would not have sex with a woman who has yet to transition or will never transition because I do not like penises, I find penises disgusting, and I don't want to chance getting pregnant. I would date a woman with a penis, but I would not have any kind of sex with a woman with a penis, especially if they did not tell me they had one before the act is initiated. What do you think I am?


A transmisogynist. 

Why don’t you like penises? Why do you find penises disgusting? 

Are you a survivor of trauma? And this is still iffy because by associating female genitalia with male abuse and rape culture, you’re affirming that you think gender is biological and essentialist and are misgendering trans women as a class. Stop that plskthx. 

Are you dysphoric and don’t like to be reminded of genitalia you don’t want or can’t have? That’s fair, in which case a lot of negotiation would have to take place, but it would be a place of mutual understanding. However you sound very cis, so I don’t think you can claim this. 

Are you repulsed by genitalia in general? (and I mean all genitalia- specific repulsion is fueled by transmisogyny) It’s possible for allo people to be repulsed by genitalia, but once more, the specific aversion to penises gets applied to women when there is zero connection between her penis and masculinity. You’re misplacing your fear and disgust of men. And it harms trans women.

So if you answer no to all of the above, then you are a transmisogynist.

Don’t place the onus of desirability on trans women who have yet to transition or will never transition- that’s classist and racist and ableist. Also, the way you frame the situation of her genitalia as “transitioning” as if her current or former genitalia were not female, is transmisogynistic. 

Why wouldn’t you have sex with a woman with a penis? Do you think the only kind of sex is PiV? How do you know what a trans woman is into? What if she’s exclusively into going down on girls? What if she’s into being tied down and being rimmed? You never know. And to assume that there’s no chance she might be triggered by the mention or use of her penis if she has dysphoria is really super gross, grayface. 

Oh, and this isn’t the paleolithic period; protection exists! Even so, many transitional hormones would probably interfere with the fertility of a trans woman. If that’s your strongest argument- which is flimsier than a wet noodle- then I’m going to have to ask you to take a vow of celibacy. 

The REACHINg  today Lord. Stop making up scenarios where sex with a trans women is some impossible feat. You’re really sensationalizing something that’t not that big of a deal. 

But this proves my earlier points. That vast majority of cisbians who are weary of penises and/or trans women in bed, are ones that associate them with men. This is an act of misgendering, and it is an act of violence. It is transmisogyny.

this is the most disgusting post i have read on are you fucking kidding me please shut the fuck up cishits you’re a piece of absolute garbage     

what i look for in a friend:

  • someone i can relate to
  • someone who’s always there for me
  • someone who accepts me for myself
  • someone who will hide the corpses of my victims
  • someone who cares about my feelings

mid-2000s tweens


mid-2000s tweens



the hardest part of growing up is realizing “heck” is a combination of “hell” and “fuck”

Is “full” a combination of fuck and hell



Have you ever met someone 

And they’re so fucking perfect in every way.

And maybe they aren’t perfect to everybody, but to you they’re just absolutely amazing.

The way they laugh and smile and talk and think and look and just everything about them and everything they do just keeps amazing you.


can someone please explain demigender (specifically afab demigirl) to me in more than one sentence bc i have only found single-sentence definitions and it’s not v helpful for developing a solid conceptual understanding :/

the definition of demigender is someone who partially, but not completely, identifies as male/female; they don’t feel comfortable identifying as full female/male, but maleness or femaleness is the most dominant or most recognizable part of their gender. think of it this way: demigirls are somewhere between agender and female, and demiboys are somewhere between agender and male.

some demigender people consider themselves bigender in that they may experience another gender that sort of “fills in” the gap between their gender and a binary gender, if that makes sense. i think demigender is a perfectly valid gender identity - even dfab demigirls and dmab demiboys - but i do understand why it’s a difficult concept to grasp for some people.