I’m so tired of people defending gamzee

-abusers often still care about the people they’re abusing
-doesn’t make them any less abusive

we get it

gamzee fans hear this literally every day, we can’t talk about him without someone throwing this kind of shit at us and i know you aren’t being malicious or aggressive but we get it

some of my new hatchlings! still trying to decide if i should put any of them up for auction hm

"things would be so much easier if i was gay haha"

oh man hell yeah lemme tell you. being gay is a fucking joyride. one of my favorite memories of being gay was when i had to transfer to a new school because someone at my old school outed me to everyone and they all started bullying me. good times. the best part of being gay, in my opinion, is receiving death threats, but strangers staring at me disgustedly when i’m holding hands with my boyfriend is definitely a lot of fun too. god, i fucking love oppression, holy shit. being hated and discriminated against by the whole world really pumps me up and makes me wanna party. highly recommend it.

gamtav tag suggestion: bull ryda

just when i was starting to ship makaracest more than gamtav, gamzee had to go and be a cute little motherfucker lmfao thanks a lot asshole

i don’t know what’s gayer - that gamzee draws cute little doodles of him and tavros or that he has used the word “glam”

gamzee swooning over tavros is always adorable fuckin fight me

gamzee has such a massive gatsby complex im laughign os hard

I've never come across anyone else who ships gam <> rose, I am a very happy lil bun rn

it’s a damn shame how unpopular this ship is. you are a ray of sunshine in this dark, dark fandom

it’s 3:28am and i’m playing flight rising because i’ve lost control of my life