NO One care s  about Gamzee makara hthese days , Kurloz is the new meme, hip & fun ,Get w ith it





how do you feel about the term "indian"? i know some native people are bothered by it

i personally don’t have a problem with it, i just prefer “native american” because i feel like it makes racist white people uncomfortable and that’s good

i’m not racist, some of my best friends are white.

Marina and the Diamonds - Teen Idle
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teen idle // marina and the diamonds

i wish i wasn’t such a narcissist
i wish i didn’t really kiss
the mirror when i’m on my own
oh, god, i’m gonna die alone

Emotional David Hasselhoff Flute

anyway, check these out

today is hitler’s birthday, the rising of zombie jesus, and the annual weed smokin event participated in by lazy teens everywhere

truly a monumental day



by saying that words like “dumb” and “stupid” are slurs, you’re putting petty insults on the same level of importance and significance as real slurs

if you’re offended by certain words, that’s ok, tell others not to use them around you, but don’t ever treat those words as if they hold anything close to the weight of slurs that have been used to dehumanize and oppress minorities throughout history. i’m hurt when people call me things like “psycho” or “schizo”, but i know they aren’t slurs; no matter how strongly i’m impacted by them on a personal level, they are absolutely not comparable to being called a faggot, n*gger, tr*nny, r*tard, etc.

derogatory language is not a slur by default. no individual is allowed to choose what a slur is. oppression chooses. history chooses.